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dr. Bianka Benedek
handwriting expert

– About the graphological inquiry

The inquiry

The outcomes of several judicial proceedings are resolved by the opinions of the experts. Among these, by far the most important ones are the graphological opinions. Their primary task is handwriting identification.

Personal identification is a specially complicated and elaborate process because of individuality, particularly when the person has to be identified by some clues left by him.

The basis of handwriting-identification is the statement that everybody has a specific one, which is characteristic only of him. Handwriting consists of several components: on the one hand the conditions of learning and practising how to write, on the other hand the feature of the individuum's higher levelled working of the nervous system.

– About the graphological inquiry

The aim of the inquiry

The graphological inquiry aims to examine the originality of the handwriting, filter and reveal forgeries. Making the graphological report is a part of the graphological inquiry and it can be used on any legal or judicial authorities.

– About the graphological inquiry

Professional experience

The expert methods are particularly determined by the matter of the inquiry. The handwriting is such a human outward form that carries the handwriter's individual and unchangeable peculiarities at the same time and besides contains the trace of the external and internal influential circumstances in a stationary form too.

The expert should judge the importance of each peculiarity individually in each case. Professional experience is essential to this process.

– Laws

Further laws


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23 May 2005 (Act XLVII of 2005) on the judicial expert activities


23 May 2005 (Act XLVIII of 2005) on the delegation of the judicial expert in non-legal proceedings and on the modification of the Act III of 1952 on the Civil Procedure


31/2008 =VII.31.) IRM rendelet Az igazságügyi szakértői működésről


The Code of Ethics of the judicial expert activities


The rules of how to become a judicial exper

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