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dr. Bianka Benedek
handwriting expert

– Fields of application

In general

The worth and significance of the handwriting identifier's characteristics depend on the rarity of joint and collective occurence of its and more identifying peculiarities. The expert's task is to reveal the mass of corresponding specifics, which has to be attached great importance to individually.

The relativeness of the permanence of handwriting, that is to say the variability of writing and the similarity of different people's handwriting, besides the possible effect of unusual writing conditions raise difficulties in the case of the handwriter's individual identification. We all experience that our handwriting probably shows changeability of greater extent because of external and internal circumstances within limits progressively in time.

The basis of handwriting-identification is the statement that everybody has a specific one, which is characteristic only of him. Handwriting consists of several components: on the one hand the conditions of learning and practising how to write, on the other hand the feature of the individuum's higher levelled working of the nervous system.

– Fields of application


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– Laws

Further laws


3/1986. (II.21.) IM rendelet Az igazságügyi szakértők díjazásáról


1998. évi XIX. törvény a Büntető eljárásról


31/2003 (VI.24.) IM.PM-BM együttes rendelet a bűnügyi költségek előlegzéséről


23 May 2005 (Act XLVII of 2005) on the judicial expert activities


23 May 2005 (Act XLVIII of 2005) on the delegation of the judicial expert in non-legal proceedings and on the modification of the Act III of 1952 on the Civil Procedure


31/2008 =VII.31.) IRM rendelet Az igazságügyi szakértői működésről


The Code of Ethics of the judicial expert activities


The rules of how to become a judicial exper

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